Love, Beats & Rhymes

“She does to me, what winter does to the trees

She strips me bare, naked and empty

I laugh to myself because, i can’t sing it’s just…

She makes me want to try and harmonize

Like, “I’ve got no worries bothering me tomorrow, like I’ve got no dirty clothes hamper full of yesterdays, stinking up what future is left in me”

But I, I ain’t no saint

Never felt love’s true bliss

A disciple of my father, I learned to love with clenched fists

I learned to love like reading Braille on skin, tracing the insecurities of women through the palms of their hands

But with her… it was different.

See, she is in every single word I write, she walks in my refrain

Speaks a sweet soliloquy

But I recognise the lack of trust in my heart

Because only a fool won’t accept the nourishment, that’s right before his eyes

Instead he will starve

I look at her, and every time she smiles it reminds me of everything I stole from myself

Every joy I never had the courage to taste

As you learn to love yourself better, teach me

As you learn to forgive yourself for failing, teach me

As you learn to accept strength and vulnerability, teach me

Some days I miss the burn of a love lost

Or maybe, just maybe

I never found true love until right now”


The “Need” To Fit In


Ever been home at 2am in the morning CANT SLEEP and a million thoughts race through your mind?

“why do I what I do?”

“Why do I feel the need to say this or address certain situations?”

“Is it really necessary?”

Ever felt that way? Like you owe society a HUGE amount of gratification and the need to justify every single thing you do? That my friend is what we call the Validation factor, you are friends with certain people who literally live the life you want, they have everything you work hard for and literally may or may not have never lifted a finger but weirdly enough they somehow have life handed to them on a silver platter, and that kills you inside because you have this need to justify your position in there circle(s) and literally start becoming depressed and upset while still at it you go broke trying to impress them “Ooh I can do this and that because so and so did it” 😂😂😂 Before you do something stupid with resources you STRUGGLE to earn and please people who that lifestyle is literally a normal day to them THINK and THINK HARD ask yourself three key things

1. Is it really worth going out of your way to please people who may not even be there when you need them the most?

2. Do they really need that validation or are you lying to yourself to hide in a camouflage that really isn’t you?

3. Are you being true to yourself? ARE YOU HAPPY with the person you see when you look in the mirror?

If you can answer all those comfortably then this isn’t for you, but if you know deep down you really don’t have an answer to those answers DON’T be something or someone you’re not, at the end of the day only YOU KNOW YOURSELF BETTER and only YOU can change the situation you’re in.

Don’t get me wrong 😂, not what I’m going through (I have been in the happiest and most peaceful stage in my life of late and I thank God and the people around me everyday for this new sense of love and life around me, it really is overwhelming) But i know a couple of people who really are drowning inside but can’t stop because they are “known” and have an “image” to maintain 👏🏾👏🏾 Yeah sure, let’s see how long that image will feed itself 🐸☕️

Aaaanyway, all we need are good vibes this year

Be the best you can be in everything you do and everything you set your mind towards I decree and declare in Jesus Name ♥️



Good Health


I Know y’all are wondering what’s up with the title, (well on my blog I open up PREETY MUCH) and here I have one thing I keep wrapped up but as one of my friends always tells me, “fam, It’s always good to let your birdie go, it always comes back”
I wasn’t even supposed to write about this but Fuck it! I was challenged by one person who really understood me and told me to OWN and EMBRACE being emotional! Thanks Robbie! (Free plug: check her out on

Those who know me know I am an emotional type of guy (Yes, I know y’all are gasping and acting shocked, but here me out!) I really have a soft spot for many things and if something irks me or happens the other way, I will not play blind or act silent! I will say what is on my mind and ill be as blunt as possible take it or leave it that is Theuri for you!



Oh my God! You’re a guy for crying out loud, you don’t have to be this emotional”, “Man up at times its denting your image” (This was and still is funny!) or the usual ”We ni mama sana kuna vitu hufai kusema mbele ya watu“ (I bet you’re laughing right now) well welcome to a cycle I was sucked into by a lot of people even close friends! If you’re reading this and you’re low key emotional and aren’t sure about it because you think it will ruin your “street cred” I’m here to tell you ITS OKAY TO BE EMOTIONAL , It’s okay if they talk, they don’t make or break you! In a world of over 7 Billion people a few lampoons shouldn’t make you feel less of a human being because of such! My street cred is still way up top and my man card is still intact! DO YOU, BE YOU AND LOVE YOU! Trust me I know.

For the last 2/3 years I kept hearing the same story over and over Oh Frankie this Oh Frankie that and to be honest it kind of got to me but I never wanted to show the “men” (due to lack of a better word for egocentric, primitive thinkers) they achieved what they wanted, so I’d keep quiet and move along.



Hahahaha Dont let this picture fool you! Takes alot to get to know me, i dont open up easy

I used to fear airing out my views or sentiments around certain people cause I feared the backlash that would come so I’d end up keeping in a lot but the day I’d finally explode he he my friend I’d say a lot of things some even out of context or irrelevant! Later on that would bug the shit out of me like why me? What did I do? That shit hurt I won’t lie but what hurt most is the fact that I couldn’t change it.
I went into hiding for some time, locked everyone out and did not want to see anyone, I felt like I was being changed not from my own volution but forcefully and anyone who talked about being emotional was public enemy number one (sad right? Ha! look at you).

Fast forward to 2016 (let’s not lie to each other now, this year was shitty, if you had an amazing year family you are blessed) I lied to myself I’m “fine” but in real sense I wasn’t.
I was a mess inside the damage was done people had instilled fear in my head and a weakness I couldn’t describe because I was “emo” it was always funny to take a jab at me (Too many Ls in one single year).
It took me one silly argument a few weeks back to realize this is just who I am and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else.


I changed my mindset and embraced it [people started saying I have developed a dont care attitude but I really wasn’t hearing any of it and here is why, the SAME people who were first to throw jabs are now sad because the person they used to “make fun” of has changed and they want him back] Hahahaha! Trust me right now believe it or not I’m in a happy space in my life and I can’t even explain why!

Long story short, to anyone who feels like they are wrapped in a cocoon and cant set him or herself free it all starts with you, only you can set yourself free
I accepted being emotional is part of me and I really don’t care nowadays whether you’ll talk or not I know the kind of person I am and I’m still learning so take it or leave it that’s the real me!
Scared of facing the world? Not sure, what people will say? Anxious? It is not that big of a deal you will be fine, whatever you are facing Just Inhale and exhale! It’s more fulfilling to fail trying than to keep on hurting in your comfort zone BREAK IT!
I really do hope it got to you, as we end the year, take care and be cautious Family! Life goes on after the festive period.
I’ve lost people I never thought I’d lose in 16’ I hope 17’ I’m not loosing anymore those tears were too much.

More Life
More Love
Good Health

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

One Year Older (Wiser or Lesser?)





One Year Older,

I don’t know if its wiser or harder, all i know is Ive been through too much this past year


A mixture of highs and lows but all in all I’m thankful to God


Turning Twenty 😂😂 i really don’t want to fathom the fact that I’m growing up, it just doesn’t seem right i swear there’s some shifty feeling about it that doesn’t sit well with me, can i turn it back please 🙏


We’ll go out, scream from the highest peak of our vocal cords Happy Birthday, get gifts (make that silent wish for an illustrious, if not amazing future which we’ll have to put in work for either way) and that’s it… But what made the previous year different?


The last year has taught me Alot though, Twenty better be ready for me


What i learnt this past year.. If you know me and you’ve read my previous posts you know i love recapping things so here we go…




5. Humility Is Key

I have people who love to “brag” about what they have accomplished or what they have, i live by one mantra “it’s nice to be important but its much more important to be nice” live by your means!!  We are loosing a generation due to people trying so hard to fit in with the system.. Do you be you and stay true.. You’ll thank me later


4. Love is a mere fallacy in this day and age!

I stand corrected but in my opinion we have a generation that is falling for the wrong people and dating for the “fun”  of it and doing it just coz it cool and acceptable in the society! You’ll end up hurting alone, no one will come save your heart broken, emotional, confused life but yourself.. Have Atleast the courage to take care of yourself first.. People don’t have souls out here..



3. Friendships.

“Real Friends, how many of us, how many honest? Trust issues!

Kanye spoke facts on this song, and its the truth, here’s why : you tend to think you have “alot” of friends and you got a squad that you can count on no matter what don’t you?  My friend stop living a lie and Start living in the REAL world most of those people who say “yo bro i got you through thick and thin, im here for you if you need me”  and all that bullshit are the ones who scatter FIRST!!! Im speaking first hand facts i swear.. I ended up cutting off people i thought were *family*and learnt to appreciate the people who stood by me when i needed them, people who you used to degrade or look down upon are the people who come to your aide when you need someone trust me.. As much ad i meet new faces daily, i have a few i keep at heart and mind (name dropping in a few) 😂😂😂


2. Cherish Moments with your Family.

First of all, I’m a dead beat cousin I HATE FAMILY REUNIONS (never really fancied the idea of going to them one bit)

Now back to the main point here, i lost my not so close grandfather earlier this year and i never mourned him till the day of the burial (why you may ask? Im this lampoon full of mixed emotions which don’t end easily and the best thing to do is hide my pain) But when i saw my dad Shed tears cause of his late dad being laid to rest made me feel inhumane and barbaric, it felt like i was this emotionless being without a care in the world but that burial was my turning point because i vowed to spend more time with my family even if its just making that phone call to check up on them, people come and go cherish that family at times you wish we’re not around yes you, stop acting surprised you know you’ve done it before.. Life is a roller coaster you never know..



I’m the happiest Person you’ll ever meet because its a personal decision i made to always be positive NO MATTER WHAT (well that didn’t go well for the past 3 months) i was lost  but I’m good now, growing up has taught me that i have a lot more ahead (you should see me setting goals to achieve this coming year, I’m in my zone 😂😂😂😂 half of those goals will never see the light) but yeah.. Be happy you’ll never regret it…

And here is where i say thank you to everyone who has played a part in my life (directly or in directly)


George Watakah – my brother, my best friend, my ride or die, basically my human diary (that sounded so not gay in my head) If i start writing about you that’s another blog post on its own 15 years Deep, lets do another 15,20 more


George Senaji – brother for life, for always having my back, through thick and thin, encouraging me and supporting me 💯


Willis Odhiambo – for always picking up my phone calls when i needed a voice of reason  and listening to me every time Bless you bro…

Dwayne Bryce – First time i met him i told myself he’s not a nice guy and that ended there 3 years later Dwayne is one of my closest friends/workmate/family One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet Bro for everything you’ve done for me this past year And More God bless

Rae Kiragu ♡♡ – My Favorite Person on earth, my favorite sister, my favorite radio presenter Words can’t describe you thank you for always giving me time to come hang with you in the studio on weekends and for always being there for me.. I love you Rae Rae (follow her blog btw rachaelkiragu) and Listen to her show as well Sat-Sun 6-9am


Brenda Nyokabi

Linnet  Wanjiru

Sera Lynette Nduta

Cynthia Wambui

Charles Njoroge aka CNG

Kitawi Mwakitele aka Teleh (Best Boss on the face of this earth)


And everyone else whom i haven’t mentioned and you’ve played a part in my life… This past year Thanks so much and here’s to many more… Birthday party coming up soon ill keep y’all posted


And this time i won’t go MIA im back to blogging for good


More Life

More love

Good health




2015 in My Eyes

I’m Baaaaaaack….  

*wiping dust off my page* I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last blogged and boy has a lot happened..

First of all I miss this, but school has been a bitch though I never got the time, I’m serious….  But I’m back I’ll try keep it in my memo so I won’t forget….

How’ve you been since we last spoke?  Two thumbs up I guess?  
2015 is done just like that what have you done that’s memorable? Or a game changer move you remember? Or you partied the Year away? 

Reason I came back was to kind of Speak out about my memorable year (this was just one great year) top 10 moments in Frankie’s world (yes I tend to think I’m in a world where no one actually knows I am KING) this rappers ain’t got nothing on me 😂😂😂😂 

10.  Visiting KNH Cancer ward 

So a couple of my close friends and I went out of our usual Sunday    link ups and went to see the little kids suffering from Cancer at Kenyatta National Hospital and my God was that an eye opener… I kept thinking to my self how they manage to be so cheerful and bubbly yet this chronic disease was on there case… What made me sad was most of them never reach 10 years of Age truly health is wealth it doesn’t matter if you’re the richest soul on earth.. 

9. Joining University

There is a reason why you are at 9th place coz you’re not all that “hype”  and buzz we hear about when we wanted to Join you… Dear school stay in your Lane and stop being so damn hard (I love school btw 😂😂😂) 

8. EARTH DANCE (All Caps please) 

If you missed this you missed out on a good party We (Epic Nation) together with 6am and Be Distinctive threw down a Crazy Party *Sold Out* My Birthday weekend couldn’t have been any better THANKS TELEH heeh my friend that was one Legit party 🎉 

7.  Knowing who your True friends are..

I’ve always heard stories about the people who you thought would be the first to come to your aid actually bail on you when you need them and I experienced that this year and the people I was never close to actually stood up for me and I was intertwined for that matter…. I learnt the art of keeping a small circle with only people who mean something to you and you know actually care. Choose who you share a lot with wisely it can blow out of context when you don’t expect it…

Fake Friends are worser than Camouflage

6. Sunday Mornings with Rae… ♥ 

This are Sunday mornings I hold Dear because you get to see family doing what they love effortlessly and I’m glad I have such a cool person who loves what she does (for those who don’t know Rae she’s my “big sis” who is an Online Editor and the show host of #WBWR Saturday and Sunday Mornings on Homeboyz Radio 103.5)To many more Good ones Sis ♥ image

5. Interning at the United Nations

I’ll forever be grateful to my dad for taking me to his work place and getting me internship at the UN (Best work place I’ve been to) I really had an awesome two months there though short lived I enjoyed every single moment… I hope to go back soon…  (If you’ve been to the Commissary then you know what I mean)

4. Getting to know myself

This year is a year I learnt a lot about myself as a man and a human being in general…  Getting to 20 (yes I’m that young) is all fun but if you know what you’re doing with your life you’ll be fine… Sit down recollect and find yourself… 

3. Becoming A Manager… 

This was something I never expected but it happened…  I really Thank God for all the doors he’s opening coz I know we are not done just yet….  I’m glad I got the chance to manage Dj Veezy this year and I believe the coming year will be even better as I got another one as well I’ll be handling ☺

2. Hakuna Matata Festival 😍 

Ever since I joined Epic last year I’ve never been happier with people I work with than with Epic Nation Arguably the best in its Lane..  We have 3 of the best bosses ever (Creme, Teleh and Dj Protégé) but one Teleh (we tease him by calling him Zabu) is Just An outstanding guy… I’d love to borrow your brain for a whole year looool..  Y’all don’t know half of the story behind the success of HM but it’s fine… Enjoy the Finale This 31st with PATORANKING Live
(Next year Bigger Stuff coming your way) get your tickets btw 😉  anyway All the Hakuna Matata Festival’s this year were fun but Ole Polos was a killer one The muddy party

1. Discovering This thing called “Love”

The only person who knows the whole story is one George Watakah and he teases me about it ALL the time but hey we all have imperfections *no scratch that* let’s just say the ladies who’ve been in my past were not who I thought they were  *case closed*

Right now I’m at a happy place with someone I am learning to appreciate each passing day… She’s just the best… (I know you want to know who it is but naah keep guessing) 

That was one of my most challenging highlights this year….

Can’t wait for Next year…  I can feel the adrenaline rush already 2016 will be MASSIVE…

Well they made my top 10 list what was yours like? Hit me up lemme know…



Peace ✌

High School Memoirs Part II

And we are black!!! (get it?) 😂😂😂

How you doing? Been good obviously, I don’t wanna hear those whining’s the weekend forget your problems live a little 😉

So where where we? Ooh Preps hehe my friend (Morning prep was like extended dorm time) for real if you entered any class at like 6:30 to 8 before the TA Comes you’d think watu wako dorm (again I say that desk was the best pillow ever 😂😂😂😂)

Alafu Night Preps (Good Lord) People (That’s me in particular and some of my friends who would kill me if I mentioned them) were serious for a maximum of 2 hours the next one hour thirty minutes was Time to do the hell you wanted e.g Story za Series, Poker, Jokes, Mchongoano, Drawing the sleepy heads (fell for this the first few days)and enjoying high school in general *Wacha Boarding Master Finds you* you’ll regret each activity you did my friend

There was this TA (Mwalimu kwa wale hawajui) whom we nicknamed *Hitler* simply Coz of his punishments.. When it was his time to do the night shift at exactly 9:30 he wanted you in bed, ukipatikana nje that’s your burial (my cube mate was told to strip down to his boxes and sit underneath a tap of freezing cold water 💦) still laugh about it to date…. My school sounds like it was the Ish ye? Hahaha keep dreaming

Only time People looked or Smelled good was when it was:
1) Parents Day
2)AGM’s/Prize Giving Day
3) Funkies
4) Going Home

Kwanza Funkies 🙆🙆🙆 hehe people were classy (Blazers that have not been worn since they were admitted come out, that Extra white Shirt you go home with too and Perfumes wueh) good times…

The guy who came back and had talked to One of the “hottest” (quotes people) Girls had braging rights all weekend long

And the Grand Finale Washing people on there birthday’s *Best feeling ever* if you never participated in such you missed out yo….. (I won’t tell you what was mixed with water but it was not something you’d imagine can be done)  that’s one of the reasons it was fun….

Kwanza my last birthday in school I will never forget how I was ambushed :'(:'( I was washed with everything and anything (supper leftovers, rice, mud, sand, water, class dusters) I can go on and on But it took me some time to clean all that from my body hehe he But you only live once and those are memories you look back 10,20 years back and say I was a bad ass in school

Well that’s just Part of what made me in school (Studies are important too but what’s that without fun?)

Those were some of my High school Memoirs… (I can write all month lool) feel free to share yours..

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Good Health

Cheers ✌

High School Memoirs Part 1

Ola! Ola! Ola!

New Week same Nuisance (thats me btw) 😂 😂

Throwback Thursday and I think it’s only fair if we take it back


OK not that far.. ;);)

HIGH SCHOOL MEMOIRS and Ooh child do I have great Memories about school (Minus The Books a day all that Kwanza Chemistry nkt) How will Such come to be applicable in life?

Any who I always say I ended up in OFAFA JERICHO HIGH SCHOOL (big shout out btw, I never liked you but I’m here shouting you out) for a reason cause Boarding is Just amazing the things you learn are just out of this world…. (Day scholars have nothing on us)

You learn to cope with every kind of being and other stuff *ever stayed with someone who doesn’t Bathe from the time you open till Closing day?* Mpaka anaanza kunuka stima? It happens stop laughing btw I’m seriously Serious haiya….

OJ Was just that place yaani (the characters Kwanza 🙆🙆) I never went a day without laughing, alafu the Sleeping lessons Kwanza You get that one OLD Lady with heavy mother tongue influence Sema Lullaby!!!!! Problem is you get busted sleeping (did a couple of laps in the field) If I’m guilty of something it’s SLEEPING In class 😂😂😂😂😂 *look at you judging tell me you never slept in class* Set books are To blame hapa 😉

Don’t even get me started on the preps cause that’s just a part two revelation today I just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s going down next post… Imagine I’m done for now

I know it’s seems like I just started but I’m not done yet…

Part two cooking up like this

See y’all on the flip side ✌

More life

More love and Good health